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  • Manage Your Mind is a community based health and well being programme run in Medway, Kent.
  • Our aim is to equip participants with practical, powerful tools and techniques that help reduce levels of Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
  • The University of Kent have analysed our data and demonstrated that completing our programme reduces levels of Anxiety and Depression by up to 80%.
  • This web application is only applicable to those who attend our programme. It allows for participants to take their "experience" out of the classroom and maintain the benefits of regular practice in their personal and professional lives.
  • If you would like more information on The Manage Your Mind Programme please visit our website www.manageyourmind.org.uk

Key Features


Key Features

Home Practice
Take the tranquility of the group sessions home and brighten your life everyday with your home practice.
Guided Meditations
Choose from one of our specially selected guided meditations to add to your home practice and deepen your experience.
Buddy Up!
Pick a friend and motivate each other.

Rewards and Challenges
Feel great about the rewards you collect as you achieve personally set stressbuster challenges.
Personal Journal
Keep a track of how your life changes - share your experiences whilst you love, laugh and smile through the journey of life.
Daily Knowledge Points
Inspire yourself daily with a specially selected positive quote for the day.

100% of those who complete the manage your mind programme are

  • Satisfied/Extremely Satisfied With Their Service
  • Happy Their Concerns Were Treated Seriously
  • Confident In The Skills Of Their Therapist
  • Happy To Recommend Us To Others
  • The University of Kent, Centre for Health Service Studies evaluated The Manage Your Mind programme and showed that the overall reduction in levels of Depression is 75% and Anxiety is 80% for those who completed it

Manage Your Mind Participant Quotes

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Contact Us

All Manage Your Mind workshops take place at:
Robert Napier School
Third Avenue,
ME7 2LX.
Phone: 075 5395 9013
Email: kent@iahv.org.uk
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The development of this Web app was funded by The International Association for Human Values (Reg Charity No. 1103261).